OUR MISSION: To establish a connection and a cultural mix by mixing the two European and African cultures in the field of gastronomy, services and culture.

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International Reach

Parcel transfer Via Air & Sea

INTERAFBASE facilitates your parcels and provides fast, reliable and economical transfer of your packages to all European countries and to the rest of the world.

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Register & Studies

We assist you with registration and admission to universities in Greece

Training & Job Offers

We help you to find work and training place

Document Translation

We assist you in translating the documents with the official stamps of the ministry

Money Deposits

Send your money through us with Moneygram, Ria and hand to hand

Ticket Selling

Buy your plane, bus and boat tickets here

Hotel Reservations

Book your hotel and organize your tourism here

Real Estate

We assist you to find, rent or buy an apartment, a house in Greece


We assist you in renting a vehicle, luxury car or motorbike